The Leaf Grip Sleeve | Leaf

A chrome razor sits in its stand on a counter top. The razor has a black grip sleeve on the handle of the razor. There is a plant vine in the background.
Two gold razors lay on a white surface with a black grip sleeve on the handle.
In a bathroom, one hand is holding a chrome razor while another hand is holding a black grip sleeve next to the razor.
One hand holds the top of the razor while the handle is covered in a towel with another hand.
The chrome razor with the black grip sleeve is placed in a bowl of water.

The Leaf Grip Sleeve | Leaf

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This silicone sleeve fits The Leaf razor, providing additional grip. It is custom molded out of silicone to fit the handle perfectly. You can slide it on, and remove it whenever you like. 
Step 1:  Wet your razor handle and apply a small amount of soap to the handle to get it slick. Wet the inside of the grip sleeve.
Step 2:  Wrap a towel around the sleeve so that you can get a good grip on it. Position the small end of the grip at the bottom of the razor handle and push it on. Wrap a cloth around the wet grip to make pulling it up easier. Bring it to the bottom of the "Y" at the peak of the handle.
Step 3:  Once positioned, rinse the soap-assist clean. Run water through the grip sleeve on the handle, inside the top, through the bottom, and through the sides. Keep rinsing until you feel the grip holding the handle instead of sliding around. Let it dry a bit, the sleeve should be firmly grabbing the handle now.
About Leaf

We set out to create the best shaving experience possible, and it turned out that was also a more sustainable razor. We’re all in on sustainability—plastic-free shipping, a blade recycling program, and as a business, we put our finances to work aggressively offsetting our entire carbon footprint. Our operations have been certified Climate Neutral since 2019.

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