Maple Butter Soy Candle | The Wellness Camper

Maple Butter Soy Candle | The Wellness Camper

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Handcrafted with LOVE by our team here in Canada, this therapeutic candle features a scrumptious maple butter flavor that oozes warmth and cozy. This candle was strategically created for all you stealth candle enthusiasts that might want to steal a zen-moment in your secret stowaway spot the next time you’re stuck at a family gathering and didn’t snag a slice of maple-y or buttery pie in time. We got you.

Our heritage mason jar candles embrace the narrative that lies behind The Wellness Camper’s story and celebrates the fabric of goodwill, community and culture that is shared by many Canadians.

The collections of vintage mason jar candles are a true symbol of our nation’s heritage, as the crafted glass vessels tell a tale that dates back from as early as the 1930’s.

These candle designs can be found in new or seasoned homes, as festive gifts, or simply functioning as a hand crafted luxuries.

  • Vegan, all-natural soy wax (FDA approved & kosher)

  • Eco-loving reusable and recyclable glass mason jar and lid

16oz 80 - 100 hour burn time
32oz 100 - 120 hour burn time
64oz  120+ hour burn time

About The Wellness Camper

The Wellness Camper is a Canadian non-profit community of mental health caregivers dedicated to rekindling your wellness and happiness through counselling, clinical hypnosis, meditation and therapeutic support. 100% of all sales will go towards our Giving Back Program initiative offering free therapy for our frontline healthcare staff, military members & veterans, as well as emergency responders.