Burning Mango Hot Sauce | Lost in the Sauce
Burning Mango Hot Sauce | Lost in the Sauce

Burning Mango Hot Sauce | Lost in the Sauce

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Not to be taken lightly, our Burning Mango sauce starts off sweet but goes down with a reminder that it still has a kick in it. Common pairings include Roast Chicken, Seafood, Chick Peas, Rice.

Ingredients: Mango, Cucumber, Hot Pepper Blend (Scotch Bonnet, Habanero, Jamaican Hot Peppers), Carrot, Green Onion, Garlic, Pure Maple Syrup, Mustard, Crushed Tomatoes, Lime Juice,  Sea Salt, White Vinegar 

Allergens: May contain mustard.

2019 Best Medium Heat Hot Sauce at HeatWave Hamilton Hot Sauce Expo

7/10 Spice Level.

60 ml and 148 ml glass bottles available.


About Lost in the Sauce (LITS):

It all started with the "need"...

The need for a hot sauce that was more than just an after-thought to spice up a dish. Something that you could come back to and not get tired of...

Just like food, there's nothing quite like home-made hot sauce. LITS started when my best friend Brandon's dad, Eddie Boodoo, had taught me how to make his home-made West Indian pepper sauce.

With the Boodoo blessings and a couple of experiments to add our own spin, we created our first sauce the OG Boodoo.

Now with the addition of our other sauces (Burning Mango, Lime Chilli, and most recently, Project Casper) to the line-up, we're ready to get you LOST IN THE SAUCE too!