Zero Waste Kit with Bamboo Chopsticks | OLA Bamboo
Zero Waste Kit with Bamboo Chopsticks | OLA Bamboo

Zero Waste Kit with Bamboo Chopsticks | OLA Bamboo

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Each assortment contains the following: 1 straw, 1 washing brush, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 tablespoon and 2 chopsticks in a small transport placemat. All items inside are reusable and perfect for lunch boxes, the office, travelling, or at home. Replace plastic utensils.
  • Made of bamboo.
  • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more CO2 than a regular mixed forest.
  • Bamboo cultivation is done without using pesticides or insecticides

Care Directions
Wash all items before use. It’s best not to put the products in the dishwasher to ensure their durability. We recommend hand washing the small placemat in cold water because machine washing could damage it. Do not wring it out. Dry flat. Make sure to let them air dry before storing them in a closed space or putting them in the small placemat. Do not leave your utensils in water or liquid for many hours because this may damage them or reduce their lifespan. 

About OLA Bamboo
OLA Bamboo is a Canadian company based in Quebec. When you purchase an OLA Bamboo’s eco products, you are helping Compensation CO2 Québec plant trees. For us, reducing our carbon footprint and benefitting the health of our beautiful planet is crucial. Since the beginning of this venture, over 3,000 trees have been planted in Notre-Dame-des-Bois and Stratford, Quebec—thanks to you!

In other words, during their growth, these trees will capture an amount of carbon equivalent to that emitted by 130 cars—every year! And that’s just the beginning.