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Sleep Wellness Tea | Pluck Tea

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60g loose leaf tea in refillable Pluck Tea glass jar. Approximately 60 servings. Available for refill in store. 

Tasting Notes: Introducing Sleep, the calming, soothing, relaxing blend in our brand new Tea for Good wellness line. The gorgeous Hidcote lavender in this blend (one of a handful of culinary lavenders grown in Ontario) is a key ingredient and when steeped, and is hand-harvested in the sun-drenched fields of Prince Edward County, Ontario. This caffeine - free infusion is the perfect partner for a great night's sleep, afternoon nap, or moment of deep relaxation.

Ingredients: Organic Chamomile, Ginger Root, Organic Licorice Root, Lavender

100% Natural Ingredients, Blended and Packed in Canada.

Health Benefits:

  • Chamomile contains high levels of flavonoids, apigenin and luteolin, which have been shown to enhance vascular relaxation, consequently lowering blood pressure and heart rate which are required processes during the non-REM sleep stage.
  • Aside from its well-known characteristics of aiding in the reduction of nausea, ginger’s aromatic  component, gingerol, has been shown to be a good component of an anti-inflammatory diet, to support good gastrointestinal function, manage pain, and potentially reduce the risk of metabolic syndromes; in particular, aiding in the promotion of good heart health.
  • Studies investigating the medicinal use of lavender and lavender in tea in particular, have found that the herb can help to reduce depression and anxiety scores in those that drink it regularly.