Toasted Sesame + Maple Cashew Butter | Logan Petit Lot
Toasted Sesame + Maple Cashew Butter | Logan Petit Lot

Toasted Sesame + Maple Cashew Butter | Logan Petit Lot

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Nostalgic for those crispy sesame snaps? What more can we say: you will adore this slightly sweet and crunchy cashew sesame butter! Ideal on baguette bread or rice cakes, rumour has it that it’s also just as yummy with a spoon.

Did you know that cashew nuts go through about a dozen mostly manual steps prior to being ready for consumption? This elaborate process includes drying, pulping, roasting, shelling, peeling and sorting. So much of this work is carried out manually and deserves adequate compensation. Unfortunately, nearly all the cashews we consume offer no such guarantee.

Thanks to our partner Umano, we are happy to offer you a nut butter made with organic and fairtrade certified cashews. Umano works directly with the Kenedougou Agricultural Cooperative (Coopake) in Burkina Faso. People employed by the cooperative work in safe conditions and are paid according to the country’s legal standards. What’s more, Fairtrade certification requires that workers coat their hands in vegetable oil prior to hulling the nuts in order to prevent burns caused by the acid they contain. This technique, combined with preheating followed by 24 hours of cooling the in-shell nuts, ensures that the acid does not lead to injuries.


organic fair trade roasted cashews • organic toasted sesame seeds • organic maple sugar • sea salt

Proudly sourced in Canada




270 g


  • Made in a facility using: peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.
  • Stir before use. No need to refrigerate.