Sweet Citrus Body Butter | Charcoal & Rose Petals

Sweet Citrus Body Butter | Charcoal & Rose Petals

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Ingredients: distilled water, raw shea butter, organic coconut oil, vegetable derived glycerin, emulsifying wax NF, Geogard ECT, essential oils

This light, creamy, whipped body butter is perfect for moisturizing and pampering the skin for everyday use. Use on hands or body as desired throughout the day or before sleep. Great on skin after hair removal to sooth and heal.

All products are vegan + locally sourced beeswax, and palm-free - please read the ingredients for any lifestyle restrictions

If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately

Available in 4oz glass jars 

All items are hand-made in small batches in Peterborough, Ontario using all natural ingredients and a whole lot of love