Sunglasses Lenses | Dresden
Sunglasses Lenses | Dresden

Sunglasses Lenses | Dresden

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*This does not include the frames or arms.

Grey tinted lenses, provide cool shade for your eyes.
Brown tinted lenses, provide warm sepia brown vision. 
Polarized lenses are treated to reduce glare from below for an additional cost. 

Building Your Glasses:

Step 1: Choose your frames
Step 2: Choose your arms
Step 3: Choose your lenses - readingblue light or sunglasses.
Step 4: Do you need a glasses case?
Step 5: Checkout!

Please don't hesitate to contact us or visit us in store if you have any questions regarding your Dresden glasses or how the process works!

Watch how to swap your lenses!

We offer a 10 year warranty on all frames. If your Dresden frames break you can send them in or come and visit us - we'll replace them on the spot! Learn more.