Soda Ash/Sodium Carbonate Refill | Osmose

Washing soda, a strong degreasing agent and water softener, available at Replenish General Store.

Soda Ash/Sodium Carbonate Refill | Osmose

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Sodium carbonate, also called washing soda, has a strong degreasing power and water softener. They are used throughout the house for laundry, dish-washing, house-cleaning and DIY projects. Its most common use is as a laundry detergent optimizer for hard water.  Osmose Sodium carbonate is also very useful for the maintenance of washable diapers and heavily stained laundry.

  • Sodium carbonate

Available in 500 ml (2 cup) increments.

 To wash cloth diapers :

Let the clean diapers soak for 48 hours in a mix of 20 liters of hot water, 250 ml of sodium carbonate, and a few drops of dishwashing soap. This will remove the lime and soap residues.


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