Pre-filled Citric Acid | Osmose

Citric Acid for all your home cleaning, descaling needs, available at Replenish General Store.

Pre-filled Citric Acid | Osmose

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Citric acid is one of the most common acids in plants. Lemon juice contains 5% to 7%. Citric acid holds a place of choice in every home for cleaning, descaling and more. It is mainly used to descale household appliances, remove limescale from bathrooms and toilets. 

Ingredients: Citric acid

Available in 500 ml (2 cup) increments.

Packaged plastic-free in brown paper bags

In store refill: $0.86/100g

For faucets, shower heads, and water reducers: Mix 2 to 5 tablespoons of citric acid with water. Rub the areas attacked by lime with this solution and leave to act before rinsing. For smaller items, you can let them soak in this solution for half a day and then rinse.

To know all the uses of borax, get the Household Cleaning - Efficient and Ecological DIY book filled with easy solutions to do at home. 

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