Organic Marseille Soap | Au Savon de Marseille

Organic Marseille Soap  | Au Savon de Marseille

Organic Marseille Soap | Au Savon de Marseille

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This large Marseille soap is certified Bio Cosmos organic, pure organic virgin olive. The sweetness of the sweetness. 230g. 

Savon de Marseille is the heir to Savon d'Alep .

Indeed, the Crusaders, back from Aleppo, brought  Aleppo soap  which was very successful in the West.

But since it was an imported product, it was very expensive.

This is why many soap factories have emerged around the Mediterranean, then in Marseille.

In the 17th century, Louis XIV, regulated the manufacture of Marseille soap. “One cannot use in the soap factory, with the barrel, soda or ash, any fat, butter or other materials; but only pure olive oils, and without mixture of fat, under penalty of confiscation of the goods."

Unfortunately, today the noble olive oil, considered too expensive, is replaced by palm oil and animal fats. 
At Alepia, we make in a cauldron, the old-fashioned way, the real original Marseille soap, pure olive, the one that has been the pride of France for centuries.

Unfortunately, today, Marseille soap has too often become industrial, and contains palm oils, copra chemicals, sometimes even animal fats!

So would you like to discover the original Marseille Soap, the one made in the reign of Louis XIV?

The real, artisanal one, cooked in an old-fashioned cauldron, then cut by hand?

A soap of exceptional quality and good for your skin and your health.

So try our soap, made in France by M ° Harastani, the Master soap maker, who has put all his science and his passion to bring back from the past this legendary soap, but unfortunately today betrayed!

It is quite similar to Aleppo soap , the difference is that it does not contain laurel. The water used and the saponification technique also differ, Aleppo soap being made with highly mineralized water, whereas, on the contrary, Marseille soap is made with softer water and steamed in the cauldron.

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