Naked Bee Honey from Graeme Foers Co. - with tasting notes of vanilla and caramel to start off with a lemon zest finish.

Naked Bee Meadow No. 7 August Honey - The Graeme Foers Co.

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Tasting notes of: Vanilla and caramel to start off with a lemon zest finish. This honey was made by the bees during the strong Tansy bloom. The Tansy nectar has heavily influenced the tasting of this honey making one of the more unusual tasting honeys we have had.

Meadow No. 7

Our first meadow in our Northern Lights honey label. Located north of Loring ON, Meadow No. 7 is in true wild country. Nestled close to the shores of lake Memesagamesing, the bees can fly along the many lakes, and through the wild forests that surround them. The main nectar flows in this area are snowberry, linden, and wild mint. Summer honey from this meadow is very light and crisp, with a slightly minty note. The honey that comes from Meadow No. 7 is truly a wild frontier honey, with no human influence.

500g jar raw, unfiltered, cold extracted

About naked bee honey: 

For the love of honey bees & honey

tucked away bee meadows

The one rule we live by: To provide all of our honey bees the best possible place to live & thrive.

Single meadow origin means one thing: the honey in each meadow collected by the bees that forage there is kept separate throughout its journey from hive to jar.

 Similar to wine, each meadow has its own Terroir. The different flora grows around each meadow all contribute different tasting nectars that the bees collect. Combined together this creates a honey recipe unique to each meadow. Meadows just a few kilometres apart can create completely different tasting honey.

 The other key defining difference is that we do targeted honey harvests after each main nectar flow. Some meadows create great spring and summer honey, and others are better for summer and fall honey. Each meadow has its own unique nectar flow that the bees capture for us.

 It was a concept that seemed so simple at the time, little did I know it would come to be one of the defining characteristics of naked bee honey.

raw, unfiltered & wild

We are passionate about providing our honey bees with the best places to forage. Not only does this create an ideal environment for the bees to thrive, but also great honey as well.

low impact honey harvesting

No fume boards, sprays, or rough handling. Each frame of honey harvested has the bees gently brushed off, back into their hive.

cold extracted

No heating before extracting, no heating before jarring. Our honey is cold processed all-around, and that’s part of why it tastes so good.