Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy
Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy

Mini Soap Blocks | Nana + Livy

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With a minimalist design, this is a collection of food-based cube soaps from Nana+Livy's cold process soap collection. This handmade Soap Block is small enough to make an easy grip when you use it for facial, hand and/or body cleansing.

Size: 50 g. 

Nana+Livy is an artisan bath and body product maker based in Vancouver. 

No. 1 Coffee Soap Block

Stimulating. Energizing. Exfoliating. If you are a coffee lover, then your skin would be craving for our coffee soap to stay energized all day.  This soap block primarily consists of coffee grounds that keep your body awake and exfoliate your skin. 

No. 3 Blueberry Soap Block

Boosting. Revitalizing. Nutritious. Add blueberries to your nutritious diet and share our healthy Blueberry Soap Block with your skin too. This soap block primarily consists of blueberry fibre powder that offer anti-aging benefits and exfoliate your skin.

No. 4 Lavender Soap Block

Soothing. Calming. Comforting. Adding lavender to your sweet or savory dish is not enough to satisfy your skin, but our Lavender Soap Block can do the trick. This soap block primarily consists of lavender essential oil and ground oats that relief you from stress and skin irritation.

No.5 Rice Milk Soap Block

Nourishing. Moisturizing. Gentle. Rice milk is a good alternative for vegans, and our Rice Milk Bath Soap is a good choice for your skin.  This soap block is unscented and uncolored. It primarily consists of rice milk that moisturizes and brightens the skin. 

No. 6 Orange Soap Block

Uplifting. Brightening. Citrus. Using our Orange Soap Block on your skin is the same as eating an orange a day as it benefits you in every way.  This soap block primarily consists of orange essential oil and orange peel powder that relieve you from stress and brighten dull complexions.

No. 7 Matcha Soap Block

Balancing. Harmonizing. Detoxifying. Find your inner balance with our Matcha Soap Block during bath time. This soap block primarily consists of matcha powder that relaxes your body and exfoliates your skin. 

No. 8 Lemon Soap Block

Refreshing. Cooling. Toning. Go on, indulge yourself with our fresh citrus Lemon Soap Block in the shower to boost your mood. This soap block primarily consists of lemon peel powder, lemon essential oil and litsea cubeba essential oil that balances oily skin and tighten pores.

No.9 Charcoal Soap Block 

Cleansing. Purifying. Anti-bacterial. You may not need charcoal in your regular meal, but you will need our Charcoal Soap Block for a good cleanse. This soap block primarily consists of activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil that boost immunity and remove oil from pores.