Host Gift Box $55

Host Gift Box $55

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Our summer-inspired gift box is perfect for a sustainably-minded friend packaged in our Replenish Gift Box with crinkle paper! 


Kliin Swedish Cloth - Replace paper towels with KLIIN, a functional compact, machine-washable cleaning cloth that is, soft, super absorbent, and compostable.

3/4 Tonic Spritz Syrup - Spritz syrup from 3/4 oz. is a non-alcoholic alternative to Italian-style bitter aperitifs. With its taste of bitter orange and its acidic finish, it pairs splendidly with a sparkling wine in a spritz cocktail, or even simply with sparkling water. It can also be used to prepare a Negroni or a Manhattan with a lower alcohol content.

Hart Creative Set of 10 Cloth NapkinsReplace single-use napkins with this washable and reusable alternative. It's the perfect size to replace paper napkins. Size 9.5" x 9.5 " in three types of prints. 

Perfect for a cottage host gift!