Fresh Bunch of Eucalyptus | Flossy's Flower Truck

Fresh Bunch of Eucalyptus | Flossy's Flower Truck

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1 market bunch of fresh eucalyptus.

Tip: Create a spa like shower experience by hanging the eucalyptus in your shower. Eucalyptus can help relieve stuffy noses and sinus headaches. This along with the steam from the hot running water releases the oils from your eucalyptus bundle and will help you clear congestion, breathe easy and destress! 

Available for local pickup or local delivery over $35. 

About Flossy's Flower Truck
Flossy's was founded by Michelle and Ian, Long time residents of Newmarket, Ontario. Our goal is to bring flowers to people in a fun, unique and memorable flower bouquet shopping experience. All floral bunches are made up of locally grown, in season flowers and are packaged in craft paper only, no plastic here!