Cuban Mop | Bruja
Cuban Mop | Bruja

Cuban Mop | Bruja

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The Bruja is a hand-made, Canadian from start to finish, a fresh take on a way of life. It is made to last your scrubbing frustrations, and become part of your everyday push towards a cleaner life. Hemlock wood with Purple Heart binding, say Hello to your most useful piece of art.

Essentially, a zero-waste "swiffer" this "Cuban style" mop uses reusable clothes, not disposable. When the cloth is soiled, simply throw it into the washing machine—and use it again and again.

How do I use a Bruja Mop?

Never buy a mop head again. The Bruja is meant to be the simplest cleaning tool ever. Every tea-towel is a mop head, just wet your towel and place on the ground. Place your Bruja in the center and flip the corners around the base. And you're ready to go! 

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