Roasted Oaxacan Ground Coffee | 1lb Bag | Chocosol Traders

Roasted Oaxacan Ground Coffee | 1lb Bag | Chocosol Traders

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1lb roasted, Ground coffee beans.

A unique expression of ChocoSol’s ecological initiative, their shade-grown coffee is sourced directly from Indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is roasted fresh weekly by Classic Gourmet Coffee, one of the lowest emissions roasters in Canada. It is transported by boat, rail, and bike, making it one of the lowest food-mile coffees in Canada.

Our coffee is full-bodied with delicious rich flavours and low acidity.

Ethically and sustainably sourced from Mexico. All packaged in food-grade, biodegradable packaging.

About Chocosol Traders:

ChocoSol is a learning community and social enterprise bridging Ontario with communities in Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. We produce bean-to-bar chocolate foods, not chocolate candies. 

Our chocolates are made in small, artisanal batches and are free of dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, additives, and preservatives. All our products are horizontally traded, ecological, vegan, nutritious, and delicious. Our stone-grinding techniques and natural ingredients enhances the Xlavour and mouthfeel of our chocolates, but this also means our chocolate is best enjoyed fresh and must be handled and stored with care. The bike part skull on our packaging is reXlective of the Mexican origin and our commitment to pedal-powered research. Good for mind, body, and soil.