Canadian Hot Sauce | Sorry Sauce
Canadian Hot Sauce | Sorry Sauce
Canadian Hot Sauce | Sorry Sauce
Canadian Hot Sauce | Sorry Sauce

Canadian Hot Sauce | Sorry Sauce

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Miso Nutty

Miso Nutty is crafted around a base of miso, ginger, mirin, peanuts and fresh garlic from a farm down the road, and we used fermented Scotch Bonnet peppers for a complex flavour and medium heat. We brought enough fire so you know you’re having a hot sauce, but umami and depth of flavour are the defining factors here.

We're calling this two ehs on the heat scale, and Miso Nutty makes any stir fry perfect. Use it to upgrade your ramen or dunk your spring rolls and grilled skewers. For a special treat, mix it with mayo and dip your potato wedges, or jalapeno poppers.

Eh, Eh


Donnybrook is crafted with a base of farm fresh peaches, roasted pineapple and sweet Marconi peppers blended with 5 types of Scorpion peppers. It has a light and fruity start on the palette, but the stinging heat comes through quickly at the back of the throat. The elements are balanced carefully so you can taste and appreciate the flavour of the pepper pods through the fire.

We're proud to say this sauce is three ehs on the scale, and we kept the flavour balanced so you can sneak a few drops into any meal without having it take over. It’s particularly good with a sweet and sour dish, and it pairs nicely with tomato dishes, especially with mint, basil or rosemary. For proteins, try pork, seafood, chicken or tofu.



Winner of the 2020 Heat Wave Eternal Flame award for best hot sauce, Extreme.

Cherrynobyl is crafted around a base of Niagara black cherries, black cocoa, vanilla bean and apple cider vinegar, with hints of lemon and black pepper. There’s also a whole bunch of chocolate and red Carolina Reaper peppers for a whole new dimension of heat. Cherrynobyl is as delicious as it is brutal, so you'll find yourself going back for more despite the immediate punch and lingering afterburn.

Careful, bud. This one's four ehs. Cherrynobyl pairs well with peppery dishes, Camembert and sharp cheddar. It’s great on the barbecue, and will really take your burger to the next level. For a real treat, try it on cheesecake or vanilla ice cream!


About Sorry Sauce:

It all started with a single Ghost Pepper. 
Sorry Sauce are artisanal, seasonal and  small, numbered batches of sauce by hand. limited editions made mostly from farm-to-table ingredients. Wherever possible, they buy ingredients from neighbours and other local farmers and solar power to keep their climate footprint low. Each pepper is paired carefully with other ingredients to bring out the natural flavour. We don’t need to help the capsaicin. The sauce is hot enough already.

Sorry Sauce Founder, Erik Begg, bought a house in Burlington, ON and started gardening in the backyard with a variety of vegetables. But then Erik was at the grocery store, and spotted a Ghost Pepper plant on the seedling display outside. He brought it home and planted it, and it flourished. We made our first hot sauce that harvest, and called it “I Thought He Liked Us”. It was a bit hotter than we could handle at the time, so we gave the bottles away to family and friends.

But he saved the seeds. That single ghost pepper plant became a garden with Carolina Reaper, Butch T Scorpion and Moruga Scorpion plants. That harvest, Erik decided that as nice, polite Canadians, he would call it Sorry Sauce. He used the Reapers to make the first 23 bottles of Sorry Sauce. Erik took one to work and passed it around at lunch. A day later, sold all 23 bottles,

Erik now orders exotic pepper seeds from around the world andin 2018 Sorry Sauce relaunched in Mapleton, ON! Sorry Sauce is now situated on a old, 1888 church on a small parcel of land in a Mennonite neighbourhood, with half an acre for their infamous Garden of Apologies. The Garden of Apologies has grown to a micro-farm with over 300 pepper plants, is also harvesting mint, tomatoes, McIntosh apples and other ingredients.

Every year, the Sorry Sauce team becomes better farmers, producing more peppers. And every year, their sauce is a little bit hotter and every bottle comes with a free apology.