Bubbas 6 Bottle Crate | Lark
Bubbas 6 Bottle Crate | Lark
Bubbas 6 Bottle Crate | Lark

Bubbas 6 Bottle Crate | Lark

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6 Bottles of BUBBAS

Sparkling, Ontario spring water with Newfoundland sea salt.

Eco-friendly alternative to imported premium bottled water. Similar taste profile and mouthfeel to San Pellegrino.



About lark:

lark exclusively uses water sourced from an Ontario spring that is tested and government regulated. Using a local water source means a lower carbon footprint due to minimal transport distance.  Water is sourced and transported in stainless steel containers, not plastic water totes, and kept in stainless steel reservoirs until bottling to eliminate any possible transmission of microplastics.

Their beverages have the stature, taste and mouthfeel of imported premium waters, and alt milk, yet are free of the endless waste that has negatively impacted the planet for decades.

lark’s team started with bottled water, as it is one of the worst offenders from a single-use packaging perspective. We acknowledge that tap water is most eco, but many choose spring water for health reasons or sparkling and flavoured waters for experience and mouthfeel.

lark attempts to balance utility and aesthetics in all that we do. Crates are black because they are made of 100% recycled plastic. Light and custom colours have to be made of virgin plastic and that was not acceptable to us. These German designed, stackable crates last 30+ years, keeping 100,000s of single-use boxes out of the landfill and recycling system.

lark takes a simple and balanced approach to wellness using only real florals and herbs, with minimal use of salt and sugars. Their beverages are good for you and the planet, without compromise to taste or experience.

 100% closed-loop model

This is lark’s extreme commitment + investment in dramatically reducing waste. Their mission is to change mindset and behaviour around single-use packs and throw-away culture. Every day is earth day at lark.

Sustainability as the new normal.  lark believes single-use as a design flaw and aspire to help change mindset and behavior around “throw-away” culture. Single-use packaging can no longer be considered normal. We are literally running out of room for our garbage.

By choosing us, and participating in our closed-loop service you become our partner in keeping 100000s of packages out of the landfill and the inefficient recycling system. 🌎 Don’t let the enormity of current environmental issues stop you from making better choices. Our daily decisions have a tremendous impact on the beautiful home we are privileged to share. Partner with us in making a difference.

Minimal labels, minimal waste

Our (as small as possible) labels are made of 100% recycled material and use non-toxic adhesive. You’re welcome. #closedloop

Reusable clear glass flip-top bottles

Most green glass goes to the landfill and does not get recycled. That’s why lark uses clear bottles indefinitely/until they are damaged, then recycled.

Our sterilization processes

Bottles and crates are rinsed then sterilized.  lark uses high-efficiency washers with heat boosters that sterilize our packs at a very high temperature (180F/82C). In addition to using high heat, they use Bioxy Enviro, a broad spectrum disinfectant that has set a new standard as the first eco-safe bactericide, virucide, and fungicide.

It is safe for food processing equipment and for sanitizing water systems. We also use Bioxy Enviro on all our bottling, water storage, and mixing equipment.

Our team

The lark team collaborates with various consultants including; mixologists, brewmasters, holistic chefs, chemical engineers, NSF food scientists, and fabricators from micro and mass brands. They are currently collaborating with wellness experts, bakers, and chefs on new product development.

Our facility

The lark facility was set up from ground zero, because of its unique needs - water and packaging storage, sterilization, brewing, and bottling. Over 80% of our equipment is reclaimed or refurbished.