ACV Rinse | Charcoal & Rose Petals

ACV Rinse | Charcoal & Rose Petals

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If you're using a soap-based shampoo bar (like our Coconut Milk Shampoo Bars) then using an ACV rinse instead of conditioner is the best way to go! The pH of soap is a little higher than the hair follicles like, so following up with some apple cider vinegar will instantly calm the follicle and make the hair soft and smooth. The best part about this rinse? You can refill it yourself. Just follow the instructions on the side of the bottle. 

For best results, after using our coconut milk shampoo bar, spray the rinse on hair from scalp to tip and rinse immediately. Feel how the hair softens and shines after drying. Follow up with a couple drops of our hair oil for extra body and shine. 

Ingredients: distilled water, organic apple cider vinegar, essential oil blend

Size: 150mL, packed in reusable aluminum spray bottle.

All items are small batch hand-made  in Peterborough, Ontario using all natural ingredients and a whole lot of love.