Is Replenish open during COVID-19?

Yes! We are now accepting up to 6 customers in the store at a time. We will ask to sanitize your hands upon entering and require customers to physical distance as necessary. We do have the option for private shopping appointments on Sundays only. 

What is "zero waste"?

“Zero waste” is an industrial term focused on designing waste out of the manufacturing process so that all materials are re-purposed or reused, with the goal of nothing sent to landfill.

As a lifestyle, zero waste is a growing grassroots movement dedicated to reducing the amount we consume and discard as practically as possible. Each person can define what zero waste living looks like for them, based on their unique circumstances.

For us at Replenish, this philosophy includes working with suppliers to deliver products with minimal or returnable packaging, with the eventual goal of a closed loop system. We offer a reusable container program, allowing customers to refill their own containers to further reduce waste. By working together, we can drive system change and reduce waste through the supply chain as well. 

What is a refillery?

Instead of purchasing products in packaging that is unlikely to be recycled, we offer bulk products that can be refilled into your own containers over and over again. 

Refillable products include eco-friendly soaps, detergents, cleaners, personal care products, DIY ingredients, and premium pantry items. Find more information about our container policy and how to refill here.

What does BYOC mean?

We are now accepting BYOC (Bring Your Own Container). We are proud to support BYO living and encourage you not to leave home without your reusables! You can find more information on our container policy here.

How is Replenish different from other local stores?

We stock a wide variety of liquid refills not available at local grocery or bulk stores, allowing you to get as much or as little as you need in your own containers. Everything from shampoo to cleaning vinegar to laundry detergent! Many of our products are also housed in gravity dispensers, allowing containers to be filled in a hands-off manner. 

Don't bulk products also come in packaging?

Yes. Bulk products still need packaging to be shipped to our store. However, reusing your own containers greatly reduces the overall resources required to produce and recycle individual containers that are used only once.

We work with our suppliers to minimize waste by avoiding unnecessary packaging and eliminating plastic wherever possible. For many products, we are able to return the larger container which is then sanitized and refilled with the product. We are hopeful that as this way of purchasing goods gains popularity, more suppliers will adopt this closed loop distribution.

Why is there a goose in the logo?

The goose is an iconic Canadian symbol that represents loyalty, determination, and community. It is a very special animal in our family as we are all silly geese at heart!